Beware the Dangers of the Courtroom

Believe me, a courtroom is the worst place to find solutions to your legal problems.

I want you to know the real dangers of going into the courtroom.

Why? One slip can make a difference between failure and victory in your lawsuit.

So avoid the torture of the courtroom like the plague.

I want to encourage you to use alternative ways to resolve your disputes. I will explain how they work and you can make choices that control your outcome and avoid failure.

You can get a fair and just resolution of your legal problems without a trial, without capitulating.

Practical Information to Benefit You

I have written a book called Mediation Secrets to Solve Legal Worries. It covers different strategies to understand how mediation can bring you success.

Section 1 Secrets to Win Every Time

Here’s where I dispel the key myths about winning legal battles in court. Reading this will guarantee you have a realistic view of why mediation is a better alternative.

Section 2 Mediation – The Legal Antidote

Mediation’s advantages over traditional courtroom trials are revealed. You can use them to your advantage to win.

Section 3 Winning Negotiation Strategies

I’ll show you how to apply negotiation techniques step-by-step to win at mediation. These secrets will keep the pressure off you so you never make a bad deal.

Section 4 Mediation Secrets in Practical Terms

You will learn how mediation works using divorce/collaborative law and estate disputes as examples to increase your chances of success.

Section 5 Resources

I have included a glossary, reading list and appendix with useful forms, reference books and web sites.

I will be posting part of the book online in this blog. If you want to purchase the enitre ebook now, please  send me an email.