Avoid this Stomach-Turning Estate Planning Mistake

Dying Without a Proper Will

It turns people’s stomachs when I explain the costs and work that is needed when loved ones suffer from bad wills. Or, worse yet, when there is no will at all.

This is mind-boggling to me. People spend money on their cell phones, insurance and security systems each month, but they think they can save money with a cheap will or by dying without one. They think making their will is not necessary if you are healthy or not wealthy.

Please do not die without a proper will. You should not resent paying for a professional to prepare your will.


If you have no will, everyone must work much harder to get what they deserve. Not making your will is the first dumb estate planning mistake you can avoid. You need a will, and not a cheap one.

Why Make Wills?

Making your will is what you do for the people you leave behind. It is also an investment in peace of mind for you. You may sleep better knowing your affairs are in order.

I must tell loved ones what happens when a person dies without a will. They learn the hard way all the problems, taxes and legal costs that could have been avoided.

Relatives ask me, “Why didn’t my aunt take the time to make a proper will? We could have been spared all this time, trouble and added expense.” They lament the costs to handle a person’s affairs if they die without a will.

Ontario Make-A-Will Week

I was the chairperson of the first Make-A-Will week in Ontario. Our mission was to encourage charitable gift-giving to help people in Ontario understand why they need professionally prepared wills.

Well, it’s a dumb mistake to leave your entire net worth to chance with a homemade or an online will if you have not satisfied your legal or moral obligations.

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