“Are You Ready to Be An Executor?”

Start-to-Finish Executor Workshop

EstateTherapy.com Estate Workshop

Instructor: Edward Olkovich BA LL.B C.S. TEP

When: Wednesday, January 26, 2011, 7:30 – 9 pm EST

Where: Online


1.    Don’t Be Overwhelmed – How to Get Ready for the Job

•    Review Course Handout (10 pages) and Review Materials
•    Executor Quick Start by Ed Olkovich (PDF, 78 pages)
•    Your Goals as Executor

2.    Know What’s What and Who’s Who

•    People you will meet
•    Definitions you must know
•    Using the 5 Rings of executor duties

3.    Identify Your Biggest Executor Challenges

•    What to do first
•    Why the Will matters and what if…
•    Sidestep the 4 Dangers executors face

4.    Developing a Strategy

•    How an Executor Mantra works
•    Use these 3 Words to guide you
•    How to stay calm

5.    What’s Probate Got to Do with This?

•    Take a glance at the Executor’s Year
•    Shortcuts you can take
•    Accounting mistakes to avoid from Day One

6.    Executor 911

•    What troubles you can expect
•    How to make sense of it all
•    Why taxes can be personally alarming

7.    Getting to the Finish Line

•    When to distribute the estate
•    Steps to take to protect yourself
•    Wrapping it up and paying yourself

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