Are You Ready for Trial?

The trial is scheduled by the trial co-ordinator’s office.

Depending on the jurisdiction, a trial date may not be set until at least six months after the pre-trial conference. This wait depends again on the length of the trial and the number of witnesses you will have.

After trial, either party may have 15 to 30 days to appeal any court judgment.

Typically, an appeal can take two years before it is heard following the trial.

Your lawyer follows these procedural steps. Hopefully, a judge will decide if you qualify for the legal remedy you chose.

Will a judge side with or against you? That’s your gamble; you wait for a judicial roll of the dice to see if you win.

The cost of trial is enormous, unsatisfactory and totally unpredictable. Regular users of the system have no confidence in this model.

Litigation – a lawsuit where parties litigate or go or court to have their rights decided by a judge.

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