Are You an Ontario Executor Looking for Relief from a Nasty Probate Problem?

That’s when Ontario executors call me for help.

You may need help to resolve these Ontario estate issues involving:

  • real estate owned by estates
  • court disputes over wills
  • claims against executors for alleged misconduct
  • informal estate distributions
  • family law claims
  • dependant relief claims
  • estates without wills

Many issues can be resolved with experienced legal advice. The Ontario Law Society has certified me as a specialist in Estates & Trusts Law. I also hold a master’s degree in dispute resolution. I am the author of several books on Canadian estate law. I have managed my Toronto law firm since 1978.

I keep up to date on estate law. I edit a legal text called, Compensation & Duties of Estate Trustees, Guardian and Attorneys. This requires me review current legal decisions and file supplements three times a year. You can be sure I am on top of my game.

Mediation may allow you to resolve your nasty probate problem. Mediation allows for an impartial mediator to facilitate making agreements to resolve disputes. This process involves all interested persons participating to resolve estate disputes.

Early mediation can reduce legal costs and stress for everyone involved.

Everyone also benefits if court delays are avoided. Reducing court costs is also possible. Mediation is mandatory in Ontario estate disputes.

Mediators are skilled to allow everyone to voice their concerns. You can reach new agreements to satisfy your needs.

You may have heard of mediation. Perhaps you find the topic a bit confusing or wonder if it can help you.

Discover how mediation can help with estate disputes. Read my free report, End Estate Lawsuits with These Simple Secrets on my website.

This is a cost-effective way to end nasty probate disputes.

How You Can Get Help

I can explain if mediation is a good way to resolve your estate issues.

I work by appointment only. You can find more information about obtaining a face-to-face meeting. We can then decide if we are a good fit. Make an appointment for a consultation.