Are You an Innocent Legal Victim?

Perhaps an unfaithful spouse, dishonest partner or an employer mistreated you.

Was this how your legal battle started?

Were you looking for sympathy? If you don’t get it, will you stick to your innocent victim story?

You want a judge to say that what the other side did to you was wrong. This is your “emotional” truth, but not the real truth of the dispute.

Should you let the conflict and your anger control you? Am I asking the impossible that you overcome your rage and fighting instinct? Must you fight to prove a point or to protect your honour?

It doesn’t matter if you sue or are being sued. Your life is put on hold until the lawsuit is over.

Clients often tell their lawyer they want to end the dispute. This is because they need closure to get on with their lives.

Stay tuned for my next post to see if you should go to court. You can also read my previous posts on mediation here.