Are You a Parent Without a Will?

You can use this easy bucket list of estate planning tips.

Are you a parent that worries like Sarah, Connie or Steve?

  • Sarah and her husband are taking their first break away from their 5-year-old twins. The parents have no wills.
  • Connie is taking a retirement cruise with her husband. She wonders what will happen to her daughter who is 35 and still living at home.
  • Steve has not redone his will since he lost his wife. He worries how his kids will take care of his investments and properties.

Estate Planning to Protect Your Children

It is your parental responsibility to do something for your children.

If you haven’t done any estate planning, you must set aside some time.

This is not the time to rush into quick decisions. You cannot do everything quickly without risk of making a mistake.

Are You Preparing for a Holiday?

It is time to wonder about the what-ifs in your life.

You need to know:

  • how your children will survive in the first week, month and year if you do not return from that vacation
  • what are the laws that protect your children from gold diggers and divorce
  • why the right executor is crucial for your children’s protection
  • how, in blended families, you and your spouse may use separate lawyers to create your estate plan

The Bucket List Steps

  • Allow yourself the time to find the right lawyers and advisors.
  • Making a will can take two weeks from the first visit to signing (if you like the advice you get).
  • Improve your timing and chances of getting it right the first time. Read my free e-book, Estate Planning: 7 Keys to Success.