“Anything Goes” is Not the Rule When You Are Making Your Last Will

In our post-pandemic world, it often seems like there are no rules for anything. It reminds me of the Cole Porter hit everyone knows, “Anything Goes”. But anything goes is not the rule when it comes to making your last will.

Do you know what your moral and legal obligations are?

Have you ignored these obligations in your will or estate plan?

Does your will break any promises that others have relied on?

James did not see a lawyer to make his will and he did not know what his legal obligations were.

James did not know he had a duty to support his common law spouse, Kim. He made a will leaving all his property to his children from his first marriage.

No one reminded James about the obligations that could cause his common law partner to contest his last will.

Once his will was contested, the court system froze James’ estate. No one could run his business without a court order.

James knew he didn’t need a lawyer to prepare his will, but why take a chance?

Wise and wealthy persons invest in professional advice. That way you can get things done the right way the first time.

The costs of having a lawyer prepared will is more than the $99 you can spend online or for a will kit.

Contact me if you want to understand your legal and moral obligations when making a will.

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