ABA Estates and Trusts Symposium, Washington, DC 2011

I just got back from the ABA Spring Trusts and Estates Symposium.

What a wonderful city. Everyone we met was friendly. My wife and I were walking on the street when she noticed she had lost her umbrella. A woman passing by overheard us talking. She stopped and took out an umbrella from her bag and offered it to my wife. I can’t imagine that happening anywhere else.

Washington’s beauty and hospitality have not gone unnoticed. It is one of the cities we have most frequently visited. We enjoyed excellent restaurants like the Birch and Barley. It serves wonderful food, deserts and over 550 different types of beer. Gulp!

I heard excellent legal presentations and have papers from the symposium to read. Here is one of the key messages I took away from the symposium:

Estate Planning Will Undergo Fundamental Change

The roles lawyers play in giving advice as counsellors-at-law will become paramount.

People will need advice, not just legal forms and estate planning documents prepared. Lawyers can help clients obtain proper care as they age. Who will manage the services or service providers that clients will need as they grow older?

This is a real issue for those who have no family or have relatives who are thousands of miles away.

I learned there is a national association of professional geriatric care managers hoping to fill that gap. You will want to check out their website, aginglifecare.org