A Series on Executor’s Disease™ – It’s Always About the Money

I am going to talk to you about money.

Money is what people fight over. Sure they may use other excuses, but what everything boils down to is money or what it represents.

My perspective, as a lawyer, is different. I do estate planning but also help executors and handle estate lawsuits.

I work on the frontlines of the estate battlefield. I see how legal disputes cause your money to bleed.

Like it or not, things will get worse.


Boomers, Zoomers, and Money

The greatest demographic change in human history is coming. Boomers are planning their estates. Executors will transfer more money than ever to the next generation.

Boomers will also handle their parents’ and relatives’ estates as executors. They will face new challenges as executors.

What is considered traditional estate planning is out of date.


It does not work anymore. It has not stopped the spread of this disease.

Estate lawsuits are like a disease. They can lead to tragic consequences, financial failures, bankruptcies, and even jail time.

Don’t think you have to be rich to become infected.

Executor’s Disease™ – Is There a Cure?

Yes, but you’ll have to keep reading, so stay with me. Don’t think your money is immune.

Read on and you will find insider tips to:

  • review your own estate plans
  • help you serve as estate executor
  • protect any inheritance you expect to receive as a beneficiary

Let’s begin by introducing you to a term you’ll get to know.

Executor’s Disease™ – Infects your money and can start when your executor takes control of your money.

To Be Continued…

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