Month: June 2014

Are Probate Police Patrols Coming to Ontario?

You’ll have to wait for the answer to this question. The Ontario provincial election results may bring some answers. The public and professionals are in the dark. No one knows what is taxed under Ontario’s new probate tax rules. We are waiting for regulations to enlighten us….
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Executors Need to Use Blueprints

It can happen overnight – suddenly, you’re an executor. You are put in charge of an estate. You have to probate a will. You need answers to your questions. What is an executor supposed to do? What do good executors do first? As a Certified Specialist in…
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Follow These New Rules to Retain Estate Lawyers

Jerry was named in his father’s will as the estate executor. The will specified Jerry was to hire the father’s lawyer, Frank, to probate the will. But Jerry had a problem. He lived in North Bay and Frank, the father’s will lawyer, practiced in Toronto. Was Jerry…
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Why Executors Worry about… Digital Assets

Do you know what digital estate assets are? As an estate trustee, you have to secure estate property. This can include protecting valuable digital property. Here are some digital estate dos and don’ts for executors. Electronic or digital information can be a digital asset. It can be…
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