Month: April 2014

Toronto Library Seminars for Executors

Are you planning your estate or running an estate? What do you know about probate? You don’t need to go to graduate school to be an executor/estate trustee. You do, however, need to have an overview of the probate process. What happens to an estate is everyone’s…
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Executor’s Duty to Protect the Estate

Are you handling an estate? Then this is your first duty as an estate legal representative. You protect persons, property, assets, valuables and family pets. You will learn this is the first of many duties. To help my clients, I explain the three primary executor duties in…
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Ontario Powers of Attorney for Property Summary

Will you become a victim because you don’t have a power of attorney (POA)? Powers of attorney are straightforward legal documents. However, in the wrong hands, they can become dangerous. I’ll clear up some essentials on powers of attorney for property. Power of Attorney for Property Essentials…
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