Month: March 2014

Using Powers of Attorney for Property in Ontario

“What do I need to know about using powers of attorney for property in Ontario?” Dorothy was asking this question sitting in my Toronto law office. Dorothy needed to act under a power of attorney (POA). “What is the law in Ontario?” she asked. “Let me give…
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Are You an Estate Planning Zombie?

Zombies are mindless but far from harmless. Zombies approach estate planning in a similar way. Are you mindlessly wandering, like a zombie, without a will or estate plan? Put your heart and mind into protecting your family. Discover the Perfect Plan to Protect Your Loved Ones. Zombies…
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Ontario Probate Mysteries Explained

Are you an executor or estate trustee in Ontario? Probate is a mystery. I’ll try to explain it in this post. Executors want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You want to know how long it takes to probate an estate. These are…
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Ontario Estate Trustees Need to See the Big Picture

Gordon was a frazzled executor of a friend’s estate. He was getting phone calls from Simon, a beneficiary named in friend’s will. Simon wanted to know, “Where’s my inheritance? I was supposed to receive a third of the estate residue.” Gordon was running out of excuses to…
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Do You Want To Be Executor?

You got the job but are you sure you want it? Of course you feel honoured to be named as an executor.  But you don’t always have to accept the job.  You may not want the headaches associated with the post. Let’s consider how the law, estate…
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Estate Planning Benefits – News You Can Use

How can you take good care of the ones you love? Read Bob Aaron’s article in his Toronto Star column. He explains what a will and an estate plan can accomplish. You will find valuable tips on: dangers of wills kits dealing with digital assets what happens…
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