Month: January 2013

Executors: Learn Your Essential Estate Duties

Are you an estate executor? A relative, friend or business associate could ask you to handle their estate. Studies show you probably don’t know what you are supposed to do. I have created a free ebook about your duties as an executor. You need a plan to…
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Ontario Probate Taxes: New Rules for 2013

Are you interested in saving taxes? As of January 1, 2013, Ontario provincial probate rules have changed. New regulations will impact executors, estate advisors and your estate planning. What you know about reducing probate taxes may be obsolete. There is no longer a tax called “probate tax”…
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Prepare Powers of Attorney to Prevent Elder Abuse

Will a simple power of attorney prevent elder abuse? Your loved ones can become a silent victim of elder abuse. In many cases, a relative can fall into the clutches of scammers and fraudsters. Family members, caregivers, neighbors or contractors can take advantage of loved ones. To…
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