Month: July 2012

Can You Protect Family from Possible Trustee Abuse?

Executors and trustees have legal obligations. The person you choose must be trustworthy, financially competent and stable. Don't ignite a spark by choosing a misfit. Your mistake can devastate your estate and your beneficiary's inheritance. Here is some valuable information to help you choose wisely. Choosing an…
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Deadlines for Ontario Will Contests

How long can you wait to challenge a will? In Ontario, there is no statutory deadline to contest a will. Some United States jurisdictions have strict time limits to object. Are you an Ontario married spouse? There is a deadline for making a Family Law Election. This…
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Will Contests in Ontario

What is a will contest? It means asking a court to set aside a will. This means the court would accept an earlier will. The earlier will may be more in your favour. In some cases, you challenge the will hoping you inherit the estate on an…
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Do You Know When to Dispute a Will? Part 1

Have you been disinherited? Were you cut out of a will? Here is some help. I am starting a new series on will contests. You'll get information on challenging a will and probate disputes. If you are an executor, you’ll learn why your role is to be…
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