Month: June 2012

Estate Lawsuits with Common Law Spouses

Let’s look at lawsuits between common law spouses over property. In my thirty years of experience, these cases are bitterly contested. I will explain how a lawyer can attack or defend an estate. The Kerr decision gives a template for common law spouses to resolve their property…
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The Dangers of Jointly Owning Property

Joint ownership of property, even within your family, can create legal problems. Consider – and remember – this story about Karl. He went to a hospital for open heart surgery. Karl decided to put his Florida condo into the names of his four grandchildren. He thought this…
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How Joint Liability Creates Estate Problems

I am talking about Joint and Several liability in an estate context today. Let’s look at the joint liability of executors, or estate trustees, in estates. Next, I‘ll give you dangers you can avoid when making powers of attorney. Estate Executors Let’s say you and your cousin…
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“Joint and Several” True Meaning Revealed

Do you find the phrase “joint and several” confusing? These are dangerous words to misunderstand. They show up frequently in various legal documents. Let me share some stories that reveal the true meaning of these words. Joint means sharing, and in this story it means shared ownership….
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Father’s Day Questions to Avoid Arguments

All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. – Leo Tolstoy Here are some tips to avoid arguments over money on Father’s Day. The worst arguments happen when dad (or mom) is no longer in the picture. See which of…
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