Month: November 2011

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Creating your Estate Plan will help you put your worries behind you. You benefit when you: • Protect valuable assets for the people you love. • Reduce income and probate taxes without risk. • Name the right person you trust for every job. • Ensure that your…
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Are You at Risk?

Your loved ones could be at risk. Use this checklist to make sure you have protected them. Answer each question with a "yes" or "no" response. 1. I have a written plan to protect loved ones if something happens to me. 2. I have named  executors plus…
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Your Estate Planning Summary

Here is a summary of what your Estate Plan does to save you time and money. It will help you organize your thoughts for when you meet your lawyer. Let’s look at the essential documents you’ll need: 1. Will •  Names an executor and backup executor • …
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Ontario Power of Attorney Problems

Ask Ed: Submit your estate questions to Advisor Question: Are Home-Made Powers of Attorney Dangerous? Ed’s Answer: Power of Attorney (POA) fraud is common. I no longer recommend that people rely on do-it-yourself power of attorney forms or kits. I‘ll explain the risk, and why clients…
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