Month: April 2011

Are You a Parent Without a Will?

You can use this easy bucket list of estate planning tips. Are you a parent that worries like Sarah, Connie or Steve? Sarah and her husband are taking their first break away from their 5-year-old twins. The parents have no wills. Connie is taking a retirement cruise…
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Why Executors Need Lawyers

Albert was the executor of his uncle’s small estate. He paid the beneficiaries what he roughly calculated they should receive. But he did not hold back enough to pay all the estate debts. Now he was in trouble and looking for legal help. What should you or…
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Will EstateTherapy™ Be Your Key to Change?

You know you have to change your ways. You never have time to handle all your work and chores. What about your responsibilities? You have to take the kids to that birthday party, karate lessons, then soccer, visit your parents, and it’s almost Friday. You have already…
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Wondering About Taxes and Estate Planning?

Learn how it works this-coming Sunday. Tune in to Zoomer Radio AM740 on Sunday, April 10, 2011, 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. EST and join me, on Right on the Money with host, Wayne Baxter, CFP, of Investment Planning Counsel. I will discuss the tax mistakes people…
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