Month: July 2010

Can Estate Planning Save Lives?

You never know who may be touched by an organ donation. Read real life stories of my good friend, Dr. Thomas Egan, in North Carolina. His work is saving lives. Visit for more. You can also save lives. You can sign a donor card. Tell your…
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Who Inherits Your Money?

Okay, you’re not King Tut. You’re not going to take it with you. You’ll need a will. Do you know what happens to your money when you die? If you don’t have a will, here are three key things to know: • your spouse or children do not…
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Estate Lawyers Are Not All Equal Part 2 of 2

In part 1, I gave you ways to find the right estate/probate lawyer. Now what do you do with your list? Make sure you do your homework. Compare the list of possible candidates. The names of two or three lawyers may surface who work in your neighborhood….
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Estate Lawyers Are Not All Equal Part 1 of 2

Good probate lawyers can help executors make better decisions. Are you handling an estate as executor? You cannot afford to have an inexperienced probate lawyer. Finding the Right Estate/Probate Lawyer Here are seven tips to help you. Begin by preparing a list of possible candidates from these…
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Need a Certified Specialist in Estates Law?

You know what a medical specialist does, but what about a legal specialist? In Ontario, the body that licenses lawyers is called the Law Society of Upper Canada. It has a certified specialist program for specific areas of law, including estates and trusts. The program recognizes lawyers…
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Why Is Estate Planning Like Pizza?

Ever tried to order a pizza from a menu with a choice of 1,000 toppings? Arugula, hot peppers and black squid ink crust. Wait, what was I thinking? That could never be a good choice. However, fear of making bad choices or estate planning mistakes is common….
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