1999 Was Good but 2000 Was Bad – What’s the Difference?

Remember Sam’s story from my previous post?

The housekeeper’s position was that she was fired without legal cause in 2000. She claimed back wages were owed to her for fifteen months.

This court process took years and consumed thousands of dollars. Sam’s lawyer never guaranteed that Sam would win.

Sam’s neighbour, Mary, only had to confirm that the housekeeper had stayed for three months in 1999. When Mary got to the stand, however, she was nervous.

Sam’s lawyer asked her routine questions to relax her.

“What do you do? Where do you live? How long have you known Sam?”

You may have already guessed what happened. Mary forgot or was confused. She said it was 2000 not 1999 when the housekeeper was fired. All she got wrong was one word. The truth was not told.

Since Mary’s evidence confirmed the housekeeper’s legal claim, the judge gave her a year and three months of back wages. Sam paid his housekeeper, her lawyer and his own lawyer. He believes the justice system cheated him.

Murphy’s Law says things never go as planned.

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