10 Reasons Why Estate Planning Stinks

Here they are. Don’t worry, I will give you the antidotes in future posts:

1. Thinking about death
It may be frightening, but it’s inevitable. So why wait?

2. Taxes
Income, estate, and probate taxes…need I say more? You do not have too pay too much.

3. Estate planning has its own language
Legal jargon can make everything more complex. Doing some research can help make you more comfortable.

4. You have too many choices
If you are confused you cannot make decisions. Your fear can lead to paralysis and inaction.

5. Lawyers
What can you expect after you find the right one?

6. Updating the whole thing is a pain
Do you know when you have to make changes?

7. Doing-it-yourself is dangerous
Cheap quick fixes never work in the long run. Your estate legacy lasts forever.

Don’t keep waiting for the time to be right.

8. I’m too busy

9. Everything in my life keeps changing
You buy a home, have a family and business; how do you keep track?

10. It can be expensive
If you don’t do your homework you can make the wrong moves. Invest time and money now to avoid making an expensive mistake later.

Invest in professional advice for peace of mind. Security is an investment not an expense.

Ed Olkovich

Can you think of any additional reasons why estate planning stinks?
Let me know in the comments section below.
In the next weeks I’ll show you how to make sure your estate plan does not suck. Stay tuned.

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