10 Executor Problems You Need to Identify

A relative named you executor in their will.

Now what?

It doesn’t mean you have to accept the job and all the responsibility with it. You can refuse to act as executor before you start the job.

Want to quit as an executor?

Once you start the job you must resign. You need permission to stop working. A court must approve but angry beneficiaries may object.

You could be required to attend a court hearing or audit. A judge then reviews all your financial dealings. There can be no outstanding questions regarding the estate.

Normally, you will need to reduce your executor compensation. You may even be required to pay your own legal fees to resign.

You can see why it’s better to renounce than to resign as an executor.

Renouncing or declining is a lot easier. But do this before it’s too late!

Not sure you want the job?

You need to know these 10 warning signs in my e-book. Click here to download it instantly (22 page PDF). It’s about how executors can stay out of trouble.

I’ll help you deal with the 10 biggest problems executors face. Then decide with your lawyer if you want to be executor.

Better be safe than sorry

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Let me know what you think.

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