About Edward Olkovich LPC

Edward Olkovich is a Toronto-based Estate Lawyer and a Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts Law. He serves as a trusted advisor to clients who seek him out for his in-depth knowledge and assistance with complex Ontario estate and probate matters. Clients value not only Edward's knowledge, but his straightforward approach and emphasis on practical, cost-effective solutions to estate and probate problems.



Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to provide for your family by creating a will, establishing powers of attorney, making funeral arrangements in advance, and more. 

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Executor Advice

Instead of leaving important decisions to the courts, get the assistance you need to make wise decisions concerning your estate and will by speaking with Ed Olkovich.

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Probate Problems

Deciding what happens to your home, your financial assets and your possessions after your passing can be a difficult process. Learn more by talking with Ed Olkovich. 

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Customer Testimonials 



“I have had the pleasure of knowing Ed Olkovich for more than a decade. He has helped me many times in his professional capacity and personally. Ed is a "straight shooter" who tells it like it is and helps you make the best possible decisions in your circumstances. I've personally seen the "magic" he can work in an estate and recommend him without reservation to anyone who wants an iron clad will or estate advice and management that saves money, frayed nerves and friendships. There is no one better than Ed. And, if you need to know more about estates, wills or being an executor, buy Ed's books and programs. He cuts through the clutter to deliver advice you can really use.”

Customer Service

"Ed and his staff made me feel like I was their only client. They were prompt in responding and made themselves available when required. But most importantly, Ed is an expert in his field and his staff provided a quality service. After a couple of meetings I was convinced that Ed’s experience was exactly what I needed. He really got to know me and my concerns, needs and wants. He and his staff always handled my situation with great understanding and support. I always felt that the firm had my back and I felt very comfortable with the decisions we made. Ed has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to estate law."

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